Stephanie Luong is a published freelance photographer that has shown and sold her work across the city of Toronto in galleries, music festivals, and shows as part of the Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival. She's often commissioned by bands, and has contributed to brands such as Fender Guitar, Fred Perry, and Harry Rosen. Most pleased and to her disbelief, she has even sold pieces to Apple Canada.

Stephanie's main focus is music photography but she specializes in events, portraits and fine arts photography as well. Her background in design allows her to enjoy tackling trickier compositions to create balance as she has affinity for geometric shapes and faux symmetry. She isn't afraid to experiment with her process and she would love to get more work on film sets and dabble in fashion photography.

Artist Statement

I grew up with very traditional mediums, honing drawing and painting skills aimed at realistic renditions. Never satisfied with my efforts in realism, discovering the ease and magic capable with the mechanics of the camera always made me feel a bit like a fraud--but it is my tool of choice now.

To me, it was a fair trade for the ability to stop time, replay it, manipulate it. 

This is because I am interested in visual metaphors and easing my anxiety around the concept of chasing fleeting time. Even when I was a little girl, I always found comfort in collecting (or healthily hoarding) a variety of items. Here with photography I've collected over a decade of time, memories and moments in a very tangible way. I've found a visual medium to study being human and what that means in relation to other humans and subjects. The human condition, the relativeness of reality and an ever-changing rotation of specific obsessions drive my continued need to practice photography.

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